The First Week’s Menu


December 31, 2012 by Cory Bellamy

Preparing for this new diet has involved a lot of planning and research. The most of which is menu planning. Switching from an average American’s diet to a vegan diet brings on a lot of limitations. Obviously. As vegans, we are eliminating dairy, meat, and eggs from our diet. Now a lot of vegans use meat substitutes like tempeh and seitian in their cooking to give texture and even flavor to their dishes. I am open to trying many of these fake meats. My wife on the other hand is not. I guess part of the jump to vegan life is being adventurous and trying new foods.

For our first week as vegans, we’ve planned a simple menu of things we know we’ll like so as to not get discouraged 48 hours into the resolution. Our first vegan meal of the new year will be one of Jackie’s family’s traditional dishes. Every New Year’s Day they have a homemade antipasta dish that’s quite tasty. Luckily it’s about 99% veggies. The other 1% is salami and a variety of cheeses. So making this dish into a vegan meal will be easy. We’ve bought some vegan “roast beef” and “salami”, as well as some vegan cheddar and havarti cheeses.

Later on in the week we’re going to have spaghetti, veggie tacos, green curry with tofu, and baked potatoes.

There are several pasta options for vegans, including this quinoa, rice, and amaranth variety from De Boles.

There are several pasta options for vegans, including this quinoa, rice, and amaranth variety from De Boles.

All of these are dishes we’ve had before with only a few minor changes such as the spaghetti noodles. Because traditional pasta is made with eggs, we have swapped the typical noodles for multi-grain noodles made with rice, quinoa, and amaranth. We will also be swapping our traditional butter on our baked potatoes for a margarine spread.

I’ll be posting a picture of the antipasta tomorrow and the recipe/pictures of the green curry tofu later on this week.

See you next year!


2 thoughts on “The First Week’s Menu

  1. sweetveg says:

    I am not a big fan of the fake meats, either, I think you are going about this in a great way. Look at the meals you already like that are almost vegan and focus on those first. Then, start adding a few new meals in a little at a time. There are some great vegan and vegan friendly blogs and resources. If I can suggest one thing for you, women don’t need as much rich food as men. We tend to do well on more vegetables and lighter foods. Men need more fat and more richness to feel satisfied. There are ways to get this, like adding things like fried seitan, more stews and longer cooked dishes. Just something to keep in mind if you start having cravings for animal foods. Let me know if there is any way I can help. Have fun with your new adventure!

    • Cory Bellamy says:

      Thanks for your input! I’ve heard the first two weeks are hardest, so I figured its best to start with stuff I know I like. I plan to get adventurous and try some unusual and different dishes as I get further into this. Thanks for visiting.

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