Non-Dairy Vegan Substitutes


January 14, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

I’ve stumbled upon, with a little help from Twitter and the readers of this blog, some great non-dairy vegan substitutes that are overall pretty tasty: Tofutti brand cream cheese and SoDelicious coffee creamer.

As you see in my previous post, I recently found out that my favorite bagels are vegan. I’m still super thankful for that. Wouldn’t it be lame to give up being vegan over bagels? I was getting close… Although the bagels are vegan, the bagel shop is not, and therefore they only have cow-abusing cream cheese. Thankfully a few of you commented on the post and suggested Tofutti cream cheese. So on my recent grocery shopping trip I bought some of the original flavor. Now, I must say that it didn’t really taste anything like traditional cream cheese, BUT it was still really good. Tofutti did capture the texture really well, and it tasted great on my bagel this morning.

The other great find was thanks to @agent_phosgene and his wife @MelanieSeuss from Twitter. They were two of the many who responded to my question about favorite alternative milks. @agent_phosgene suggested having Dark Chocolate Almond milk with coffee for a homemade vegan mocha. Because of his suggestion, I bought some of SoDelicious’s Hazelnut coconut milk creamer. And man it was good! It was a perfect addition to my dark roast coffee this morning.

If you have any suggestions for other brands or flavors of these two non-dairy vegan subs, please comment and share with others. As I mentioned in my last update, I plan to have a alternative milk review in the near future.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Non-Dairy Vegan Substitutes

  1. Dianty says:

    I love So Delicious products! Have you tried any of the ice cream? My son has several food allergies and we also use Diaya Cheese which is pretty good depending on the recipe you’re using it in.

    • Cory Bellamy says:

      I actually just bought some of the Chocolate Velvet ice cream earlier this week. It is pretty good too…probably should’ve mentioned it too.

      A local restaurant uses Diaya for those who want to make their meal vegan. I’ve found it hit or miss, like you said, depending on the recipe.

  2. The SoDelicious French Vanilla creamer is what we use here. Also, the husband loves Pacific brand Chocolate Hazelnut milk. He absolutely *destroyed* it.

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