Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill


January 19, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

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There’s a new Mediterranean grill in town, and it’s veg friendly! Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill opened up around the winter holidays in Northwest San Antonio and is already doing quite well. When we went there for dinner yesterday, there was a steady stream of people and families coming through the door.

Jackie had already been there a few times, but this was my first go round, and overall I enjoyed the meal. Garbanzo is like a Chipotle, but with pitas instead of burritos. You start by choosing what style of food you want, a pita, a laffa (tortilla like wrap), or a plate which comes with a pita. Then you choose your “protein” such as your typical meat shwarmas OR a portobella mushroom or hummus. I went with the hummus plate.

After you choose your plate, you choose from a variety of sides such as red cabbage, lettuce, veggie salad, babaghanoush, tabouleh, etc. Then you can add extras like grilled eggplant, tahini sauce, and other sides for a minor amount. When you make your meal a combo, you get a drink and a choice of either falafel, dolmas, kettle style chips, or an apple. I partnered my hummus with lettuce, veggie salad, rice, babaghanoush, grilled eggplant, apple, and tahini sauce. It was pretty good. The only negative I had was that the hummus was a bit dense. It could’ve used a dash of olive oil to thin it out. The best thing on my plate was the grilled eggplant. It was soooo good. The babaghanoush was a close second.

A huge positive that Garbanzo has going for them is that they have all of their food items labeled with allergen Food Infoinformation and dietary restriction information. So items are labeled as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free. It made being vegan simple and let my conscious rest a bit, knowing that everything I had was truly vean.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill’s are popping up across the nation, and if you look at their website, you can see where new ones are being built.

If you’re from San Antonio and reading this, I highly recommend stopping by and eating here. The staff is incredibly friendly and will help you figure out what you want. They also will give you a free sample of any of their items before you buy it so you know youll enjoy what you get.


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One thought on “Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

  1. sweetveg says:

    Yay! It’s nice to have a few go-to places for when you feel like eating out and don’t want to have to think about it too much.

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