Vegan Grilled Cheese


January 19, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

Prior to being vegan I loved a good grilled cheese and bowl of soup on a day when I didn’t feel too good, or was just too lazy to do anything else. Today being one of those days, I decided to make a vegan grilled cheese using a vegan sliced cheese I found at Whole Foods. I paired the grilled cheese with a 365 Brand vegan lentil soup. The soup was great- fairly hearty, mild taste, and just the right amount of carrots (I hate when soups have a ton of carrots in them). The grilled cheese on the other hand was…well… less than desirable. I used a 7 grain sprouted bread and Earth Bound spread with the vegan sliced cheese. It cooked great, and 9 time out of 10, I can’t even cook a grilled cheese properly, but this time it worked perfectly. The bread was toasted just right, the cheese was a nice melted consistency, but… the cheese did not taste good at all! The only way I could stomach it was by dipping the sandwich in the soup before I took a bite. I wish I had a silver lining to this, but I don’t.

Does anyone have a suggestion on sliced cheese brands? I don’t use it very often, but I would like to have a gooey grilled cheese eventually.


Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Vegan Grilled Cheese

  1. Of course, it’s all personal taste, but Daiya is a pretty popular brand.

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