Day Trip to Austin: Kereby Lane Cafe

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January 22, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

Since I had yesterday off and nothing better to do, I decided to take a day trip up to Austin to visit a long time friend and have some lunch at one of Austin’s many veg friendly restaurants. I had scoped out a couple of places like Beets Cafe, Counter Culture, and The Vegan Yacht (a vegan food truck), but because of where my friend worked, we went to Kerbey Lane Cafe. Kerbey Lane isn’t an all vegan restaurant like the others, but they do cater to the veg crowd.

We started with a vegan order of chips and “queso”. Now, like I mentioned in my post about vegan grilled cheese, I hadn’t really had the best experience with alternative cheeses so far, so I warned my friend, who isn’t vegan, that I can’t speak for how good this queso may or may not be. However, this queso was quite good. I was a little shocked, but they made some darn good vegan queso here. I’m not sure what it was made of, but it was good.

For my meal I ordered the Vegan Sloppy Joel, named for a guy who works there. I’ve never been a huge sloppy joe fan, so if this came out tasting crummy, I wouldn’t have been too disappointed. Once again though, Kerbey Lane brought their A-game! This Sloppy Joel was delicious. It was actually much better than any normal sloppy joe I had ever had before. After I shared with the waitress how much I enjoyed the meal, she told me it was her favorite item on the menu, and that many people don’t get it because it sounds weird. It was made with a soy protein “meat” and topped with BBQ sauce and grilled red onions, served on a wheat bun.

So if you’re ever in the Austin, Texas, area and are looking for a veg friendly place to eat at with your non-veg friends or family, check out Kerbey Lane Cafe. They have 4 or 5 locations around the city.

I’m gonna have to plan another trip up there soon to check out some of those other restaurants I was originally planning to visit.


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