We Need Your Help!


January 25, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

We’ve just about made it a month into being vegans, and we’ve come upon a road block. We don’t know what to eat this week! We know that there are a ton of recipes out there, so we want your help. Please share your favorite vegan recipes here, can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, so we can plan this next week’s menu. We’re open to simple or complex meals, just comment down below with your ideas.

Thanks for reading and sharing your meals!



4 thoughts on “We Need Your Help!

  1. Dianty says:

    Its cold here and I’m into soups right now….Here’s a link to one http://foodallergyexperience.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/harvest-soup-allergy-free-vegan/ I’m also currently making a potato soup that you could easily make Vegan.

    • Cory Bellamy says:

      Thanks for sharing the link. I’ve been looking to break out the crockpot, and this sounds like a good use for it.

    • Cory Bellamy says:

      Those all sound good, minus the pumpkin. Jackie LOVES pumpkin, I on the other hand do not. I’m sure we will give these a try in the near future. Thanks!

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