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February 2, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

We did it! We made it one month as vegans! Which is half way to our goal of two months on a vegan diet. I think we’ve made it farther than most Americans who have New Year’s Resolutions.

*pats self on back*

In retrospect, it’s been a fun month, one not quite as challenging as we expected. We expected, as did many people, that we would crave meat and dairy so bad that we would throw in the towel. However, we didn’t have those temptations, instead we learned a lot. We learned a lot about nutrition, and new ways to get vital nutrients and vitamins, such as protein and calcium, from plant based sources and not animals. We’ve been much more conscious about what’s going into our bodies, and have therefore lost a few lb’s. We even discovered the pros and cons of vegan cheeses as well as vegan meats.

During the last month we only allowed ourselves one “cheat” meal, and for both of us it wasn’t as satisfying as we thought it would be. Probably because our bodies were just as satisfied with all of the other foods we had been having that when we cheated we didn’t have any expectations to fulfill.

Another thing we learned during the first month of being vegan is how to find veg friendly meals at a traditional restaurant. We’ve stumbled upon a few new places, and a few old, that we are able to eat at because of how vegan friendly they are.

Tonight we will be dinning out with family for my brother’s birthday, so we have the challenge of finding vegan options at a traditional restaurant again. Luckily it’s Mexican food, so we shouldn’t have too much trouble.

We’re both excited about the next month. If its anything like last month, we’ll learn a lot and eat a lot!

Thanks for reading and supporting our journey!



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