Vegan Valentine’s Day

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February 14, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

Today’s Valentine’s Day, in case you didn’t already know…which would be kind of difficult if you’ve been to a grocery store lately. They’re all decorated over the top with heart-shaped balloons, massive flower displays, and chocolate covered strawberries in every part of he store. Jackie and I don’t typically do anything over the top on Valentine’s Day, like reservations at a top notch restaurant, planes writing our names in the sky, or anything like that, but we do like to eat and spend time together. Unfortunately, I have to work this evening, so all we had together was a lunch break. Good news though, our favorite local vegetarian place has a Valentine’s Day special!


It’s quite the deal too: Vegetarian lasagna, caprese salad, drinks and cupcakes for two people for only $25. I challenge you to find a better veg friendly Valentine’s meal at a restaurant.

It was a really good meal too. The lasagna was veggie filled with a little TVP and a house made marinara sauce. The caprese salad had tofu instead of mozzarella. And the cupcakes at Green are always great! I had a Vanilla flax cupcake and Jackie had a Strawberry Cream one. They also had Banana Split, Orange Dreamsicle, and Red Velvet cupcakes- all of which are Vegan.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Thanks for reading!



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