Betty Crocker With A Vegan Twist


February 25, 2013 by Cory Bellamy

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my vegan diet these last few weeks. The original purpose of this blog and this diet was to better our health, but to also view food differently. I’ve grown up in a small town in a large state that relies on chicken fried steak and medium rare ribeyes as staples in the diet. Over these last few months though, I’ve realized that I don’t need that. Any of it. I enjoy veggies. A lot. But, I’ve also realized that the things I grew up eating do have some sentimental value. My mom and dad are great cooks, and there’s nothing better than enjoying a meal with your family. I do miss my mom’s banana pudding and my dad’s biscuits and gravy. They are more than a food, they’re memories.

I don’t have a great segue for this, so follow me here…

I’ve also been more inclined to read about vegans and vegetarians in the “news” portion of Google as of late. In doing so, I learned that you can have Google add a Vegan search filter to your news page so it automatically brings up vegan news for you.

Tying these two thoughts together, is the news story I found today. There is a couple in Philadelphia that has taken it upon themselves to reinvent the Betty Crocker Cookbook (about 500 recipes) as a vegan cookbook. How cool?! The staple of my parents cooking, the red and white cookbook full of down home, warm, tasty recipes, is being turned vegan. It’s a pretty cool undertaking that I’m excited to follow. You should check it out too, and follow along as they hash out these recipes one at a time so our former comfort food can be as progressive as our hunger.

(See, the thoughts did connect, just didn’t have the right words to make it connect.)

Follow the Shannon’s as they introduce us to a new side of Betty Crocker:

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One thought on “Betty Crocker With A Vegan Twist

  1. Bridget says:

    Well I, for one, am stoked. My mom and grandma both cooked out of the red and white checked book.

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