About The Vegans!

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This blog is run by the minds and stomachs of Cory and Jackie; two omnivores looking to improve their health and the world by taking on a vegan diet.

Cory works in the produce department of a local Whole Foods Market, which has The Bloggersinfluenced him in making healthier decisions about food and nutrition. He is an alumni of UTSA with a passion for mobile photography and craft brews. His reasons for being vegan are to improve his health and to have more control and knowledge of what’s going in his body.

Jackie is an ESL teach with a passion for the world. She loves working with people from all around the globe. She’s looking to begin work on her Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies in the near future. Her reasons for going vegan are overall health and wellness.

This blog is the beginning of a New Year’s Resolution to be healthy and be vegan.


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